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Volunteer Spotlight – Shannon Murphy Puts Phinney’s in the Public Eye

October 9, 2017


        Wouldn’t it be terrible if no one was able to “see” the work Phinney’s Friends does? Enter Shannon Murphy, Phinney’s resident photographer and web designer. If you’ve been to a Phinney’s event, you’ve probably seen Shannon behind the lens of a camera, capturing adorable animals and their happy owners. She’s amazing at what she does – just look through our Santa picture albums on facebook. She has taken quite a few of those pix!
        Shannon started volunteering with Phinney’s in 2013 by delivering pet food to clients. She then decided to use her professional skills of photography, graphic design, and web design so Phinney’s could really shine. And boy, are we grateful. She does an amazing job designing logos, working on our web page and, of course, snapping loys of cute pictures. She is the proud mama of four cats, who she describes as “the loves of my life”: Tommy, George, Maggie, and Henry.
        We asked Shannon what her favorite thing about volunteering with Phinney’s is.
        “I think about if I was in a position that Phinney’s clients are in: sick, disabled, elderly, low income,” says Shannon. “My pets are my family, and if I could not keep them because of my circumstances, it would break my heart. Knowing there is an organization like Phinney’s that works to keep people and pets together means everything. I have met these clients, who in some cases have so little but will give all they have to make sure their pets are taken care of. Phinney’s is a very special group, led by an amazing woman, Daniela Caride. I feel honored to be a part of this group!”
        And we are honored to have you sharing your amazing work with us, Shannon! When asked what she would tell someone interest in volunteering with Phinney’s, she got right to the point: “Do it. You will be fulfilled in a way that goes very deep. They are a phenomenal group of volunteers that work tirelessly to help people and animals. I am pretty sure I get more back than I give.”
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