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Jasmine’s Big Day

October 3, 2017
This beautiful little kitty, Jasmine, had a big problem. She found herself in a small apartment with her dad, one of the people Phinney’s helps. Her dad was of course very loving and kind, but his other cat made it clear that Jasmine was not welcome. No matter how long their dad tried to get the first kitty to like Jasmine, it just wasn’t working out.
Phinney’s Friends came to the rescue and found a peaceful home for Jasmine with one of the people we used to help who lost her kitty a little while ago, Carol. Carol has room in her heart and a sunny colorful home that needs a cat for company. We are hoping she will love her new mom!
As part of Jasmine’s journey to her new home, Phinney’s volunteer, Starr, took Jasmine to the vet. Jasmine does not like going in the carrier or riding in the car, but was very polite at her vet check! “She got her vaccines and had all of her many nails clipped peacefully,” says Starr. “Jasmine has double paws on her front and back, so there were lots of extra nails to trim!”
Then Starr took Jasmine to — we hope — her forever destination. Arriving in her new home with Carol, she was cautious about exploring, and Starr is confident that Jasmine will adjust quickly. “I’m glad I got to meet this sweet girl,” says Starr. “Double paws crossed for a happy future!”
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