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A Bittersweet Farewell to Blossom

September 15, 2017

Around January of 2016, Blossom the Cat was living with a Phinney’s Friends client in Boston — a woman who was elderly and struggling with mental illness — when the sweet kitty was diagnosed with a heart condition. That triggered a tremendous amount of anxiety on her mom and, no matter how much she loved Blossom, she just couldn’t handle the stress.

Phinney’s Friends embarked on a search for the perfect loving home for Blossom, who was such a sweet, undemanding cat. But her heart condition made it hard to find her a great adopter as fast as she needed.

One of our volunteers, Dick Crowley, came forward and offered to become a permanent foster for Phinney’s and take Blossom home. Dick’s cat had recently passed away, so he was happy to take a new friend into his home.

When Phinney’s takes a cat into our Permanent foster program, we feel very proud of our level of commitment to the animal and its permanent foster family. It is always a huge undertaking, as we sign up to help that pet with food, vet visits and any other need for the rest of their lives through our network of fosters.

Fortunately, Blossom loved her new home and new dad, and Dick was also so smitten! “She was always friendly and sociable,” says Dick. “She seemed to feel good in her new home and liked to spend time with me.” While not a lap cat, she went so far as to even jump onto his lap one afternoon for a snuggle!

Blossom lived the rest of her life with Dick, who took such incredibly good care of her. He was so diligent with her vet visits and medications, and always made sure she was happy and safe.

Unfortunately, Blossom’s time came to an end. One day Dick got home, and she had passed away in the comfort of her home, while he was out. He was relieved that she seems to have passed away peacefully.

It’s always very sad to say goodbye to a furry friend we have cared for during the good moments and the difficult times. But it does give us a sense of joy to think that we were able to protect Blossom from the beginning to the very end, and make sure she had a full life.

So this is a bittersweet farewell to our dear Blossom, who inspired us with her resilience, patience and sweetness every step of the way. And this story is also a huge thank you to Dick, who loved Blossom unconditionally. We could not have done all of this wonderful work without him. He told us that towards the end of Blossom’s life, someone had gifted him a gift card to a pet supply store. Blossom passed before he was able to use it, so he donated it to Phinney’s Friends with the wish that it be used on the next pet in Phinney’s care.

Paying it forward. That’s what we’re all about.


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