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Periwinkle & Natividad Find Love Again

July 19, 2017

A few months ago, Periwinkle’s dad, James, a Phinney’s client, passed away. Since Phinney’s Friends makes a promise to our regular clients to find a new situation for their pets if they survive their owners, Periwinkle became our responsibility.

Periwinkle-27 small

Mr. Periwinkle, looking as regal as ever. 

Poor Peri. He doesn’t like other animals, but our sweet volunteers made all they could to keep him safe, even though the circumstances might not have been ideal for that big boy. The priority was to make sure he could stay in a home until we could find him a new mom or dad.

Thanks to many volunteers who took really good care of him for months, and many households later, Peri was taken to Natividad’s house, another Phinney’s client who had recently lost her beloved kitty, Pinto, to old age.


The lovely Natividad and her sweet kitty, Pinto.

She was devastated and very reluctant to give another cat a chance, as she thought she could never love any other cat as she loved Pinto. Pinto was big, super fluffy and super sweet — a really nice guy. One day our President, Daniela Caride, was browsing some client pictures and when she saw Peri’s face, it clicked. Of course! Fluffy, big guy! He needed a home, and Natividad craved for companionship.

Our volunteers took Peri to Natividad’s home for a visit. But was a visit that turned into a stay right there. He hopped out of the carrier with much confidence and curiosity. He sniffed every inch of the house and plopped himself down, in view of everyone, while Natividad and the volunteers chatted. Natividad said he could stay. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him!

A few days later, Daniela got a call late at night from Natividad. Worried, she picked up the phone thinking something bad had happened. Phew! Natividad inadvertently called Daniela, while playing with her phone! What a clown! Maybe he just wanted to call and say “meow”?

Periwinkle-26 small

“Hello? Daniela? It’s me, Peri! Just calling to say ‘hey'”

Longtime friends Daniela and Natividad (Daniela was Pinto’s volunteer for almost a decade) had a nice chat, and Natividad reported she was completely in love with Peri and vice versa. She said the big kitty made himself at home since the first moment he came through the door, and it’s been as if they had known each other since forever. She couldn’t help doing baby talk with Peri while talking to Daniela. So cute!

We were all so happy they found each other. And it really feels good to be able to honor our promise to James and know that Peri is now happy again.

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  1. Dani permalink
    July 19, 2017 6:32 pm


  2. Susana permalink
    July 19, 2017 9:19 pm

    So sweet, lovely story! Felicidades duraderas para Peri y Natividad!

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