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Little Griffin Gets a Pain-Free Mouth

May 21, 2017

18342661_10212339108054261_819931498948016184_n.jpgThis is sweet Griffin. Isn’t he the cutest?!? His mom contacted Phinney’s in the early spring because her veterinarian recommended that Griffin’s loose tooth be extracted. Smaller dogs are more prone to dental disease than larger dogs, and therefore it was likely that once the vet got in there, more than one extraction would be needed.

Griffin’s mom got an estimate for the dental procedure, and it was more then she could afford. Phinney’s Friends was able to assist her with the cost of the dental procedure . The surgery was scheduled and a basic scale and polish procedure was done along with five tooth extractions to give Griffin a healthy, pain-free mouth. That’s right – five extractions! That’s a lot of teeth!
Griffin’s mom has happily told us that he’s all healed and doing great. What was her message to Phinney’s? “We love you guys!” We love you too, Griffin. Be well. We hope the tooth fairy brings you five treats for those five teeth!
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