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Update on Lilly the Cat and Her Human Companion

April 3, 2017

In a recent blog post, we introduced you to Ms. Lilly, a beautiful cat that is part our of Sponsor a Pet Program. Lilly‘s dad suffers from health problems that prevent him from taking care of Lilly on a full-time basis. Lilly is one of our permanent fosters, but is able to visit her dad on a regular basis. Here are some excerpts from a beautiful note we received from Lilly‘s pet parent.

Dear Phinney’s Friends and Benefactor, 

Just a quick update on how things are going for Lilly and I, her pet human. She visited me last week and was a ready for my scratches and petting. She even allowed me to give her some treats. Let me just say, cats can be messy eaters. She came out of her carrier and settled right in my lap. I was so happy to have my sweet little boss to snuggle with.

I again wish to thank Phinney’s for helping take care of my pretty girl. Phinney’s continues to help Lilly so I can see her fairly often. So thanks to Phinney’s Friends. Also, I understand a donor is also helping to keep Lilly well and happy. Thanks to her or him as well. I think Lilly wants me to put my phone down now. After all, she’s the boss.

matthew and lilly hayes 2017 (1)

Lilly‘s Pet Grandparent – her benefactor through our Sponsor a Pet Program – sent us this beautiful note about Lilly: “Thank you for the pictures of Lilly. I love them. She is such a beautiful cat. I’m really glad to sponsor her. I also loved reading the update and background on Lilly. Hope Lilly continues to do well. She deserves the best.

We are honored to keep Lilly and her dad together, and to keep their beautiful bond strong. For more information about Lilly and our Sponsor a Pet Program, or to learn about any of our other programs, please visit our webpage, or check us out on Facebook , Twitter and YouTube.
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