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Melvin the Cat Salutes Phinney’s Friends!

March 16, 2017


This handsome and patriotic King Blue Persian named Melvin has an adorable and characteristic flat face and shortened nose. Because of this, Melvin was having a great deal of difficulty breathing out of both his nose and mouth. His owner contacted Phinney’s Friends to see if he could get some assistance to help cover the cost of a much needed surgery to remove excess soft palate and nasal tissue for better air flow. Phinney’s Friends was able to help and the specialty surgery was performed.

The surgery was successful! Instead of struggling to breath, Melvin breaths easier now providing him with a better quality of life. Melvin’s dad is very grateful for our help and says that Melvin shows his appreciation by being able to play as he could not do before. He is now a content cat – sleeping, playing and breathing with ease.
Melvin’s dad sent Phinney’s this sweet note: “Thank you all again for all your help for my baby and I. It was literally a life-saving gesture. Again thank you so so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Sincerely Melvin and daddy.”
Happy tails, Melvin!
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