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Phinney’s Pays for Amber the Dog’s Dental Surgery!

March 13, 2017

Amber’s mom contacted Phinney’s Friends when Amber developed a tooth root abscess from a fractured tooth. The infection that developed not only was a constant source of pain for Amber, it was endangering the health of the 2 neighboring teeth. If left untreated, there could be a risk of a jaw fracture if there was enough bone loss due to the infection and if Amber bumped her jaw accidentally at that weakened site.

Though she could afford antibiotic treatment for Amber’s infection, her mom could not afford the recommended dental surgery to extract the fractured tooth. Phinney’s Friends was able to assist her with the cost of the dental procedure. Amber had her dental surgery and her mom was pleased to inform us that Amber’s extraction site is healing well. Amber is healthier overall now that her body does not have to fight off a reoccurring tooth root infection.
Here is what Amber’s mom had to say: “Thank you so much for helping Amber get the dental she needed. Her abscessed tooth has been removed  and her teeth are nice and clean. Thank you very much for helping Amber and our family!”

Enjoy crunching on those kibbles and bits, Amber! Be well!

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