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Become a “Pet Godparent” for Phinney’s and Make a Difference!

December 29, 2016

Meet Comet and Sarge ! Both handsome boys are service dogs and loyal companions of their mom, who is legally blind and low-income. comet_and_sarge

Phinney’s Friends has been helping these two pups for many years, providing dog food and regular vet care to both of them. Also, our volunteers help them with nice breaks from their 24/7 job of serving their mom by taking them on regular walks at the nearby beach — their favorite place in the whole world!

Both Comet and Sarge had ultrasounds a few months ago, when the vet found out that Comet’s spleen was enlarged. It was then removed, and he is now doing fine and he’s cancer free! Happy Tails! Sarge has cardiomyopathy and had an echocardiogram done recently to document a baseline of his heart disease for future exams. Best of luck, sweet boy!

Just like us, service dogs also age and need more and more medical attention as they do so. A wonderful supporter of Phinney’s recently made a donation to sponsor Comet and Sarge in honor of her beautiful dogs who passed away. It was a lovely way for her to ensure that these amazing dogs will continue supporting their disabled mom and enjoying life, while remembering her own wonderful pets.

Every pet we help requires $250 to $2,000 worth of food and veterinary care every year. You can make a significant impact in the life of Comet and Sarge, or other well-deserving pets, by making a donation towards our Sponsor a Pet Program.

Click here and browse some of our pets in need of a financial boost. We accept check and credit card donations for this program. Become a Pet Godparent to pets like Comet and Sarge! On behalf of all the pets we help, thank you.

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