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Holiday Gifts for Pets

December 11, 2016

Do you love to pamper your pet? It’s natural to include pets in the holiday gift exchange, because aren’t all of the sweet soft cuddles worth something? Phinney’s has come up with some of our favorite gift ideas for your furry friends this year:3-4

Homemade Treats
Don’t break the bank of Fido this year, instead put on your oven mitts and get baking. Your pups will love your homemade treats and you will know every ingredient that’s in them. Some of our favorites recipes come from renowned dog trainer Cesar Milan and from the well-known recipe website

Warm Sweaters and Coats
On the coldest of days your pets need to stay warm and cozy too. We suggest a cute cable knit sweater for your short haired pets or a nice puffy jacket for when the snow starts to fly. Your pets will look super stylish and feel comfy in even the coldest conditions.

Sweet Dreams
Doesn’t your pet look the cutest when they are sweetly sleeping? Watch them cuddle up and fall fast asleep in some of these zzz-inducing pet beds: We like the Cat Cuddler bed, the luxurious Casper Dog bed, and even a cuddle hut for your parrot!

Tons of Toys
Let Santa bring your pets their favorite toys, stored in a nice wicker basket. Toys can be as simple as a feather tied to a string to keep your cats amused or a basic tennis ball to throw around with your pup. Any toy you give your furry family member they are sure to love.

A Gift for Everyone

Create a keepsake with your pet’s paw print to hang on the tree, or display on the mantle, every year. Here is a recipe for an affordable DIY salt dough paw print ornament.

No matter what type of holiday gift you bestow upon your pets this year, you know they will always thank you with lots of sweet and sloppy kisses. Happy Pawlidays!

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