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Letter From Our President – Saving Logan

October 2, 2016

Hello friends,

Our busy summer brought many challenges we thankfully overcame. One of them was saving Logan the Cat.

loganLogan’s mom, a longtime client, called us to ask for a new cat. She told us she had surrendered Logan to a shelter because he scratched her and she couldn’t afford getting hurt because of her poor health.

We understand she has to be careful. But we were disappointed she didn’t give us a chance to take him, and heartbroken she didn’t consider he may need her help too. He had been such a good cat for so many years and, like her, could be ill.

We immediately summoned volunteers and strategized how to find Logan. We pulled strings, called in favors, and in a matter of days we located him, removed him from the shelter at no cost, took him to the vet and placed him in foster.

He was so skinny and dirty, poor thing! After blood tests, we found out he had developed EPI, a condition in which the body stops producing an enzyme necessary to digest food. Even though he was ravenous and eating tons, he couldn’t get the needed nutrition.

A few days ago we started him on medication, and he has since gained weight, and have been eating properly. He is also more relaxed, back to grooming himself and thoroughly enjoying the days at his foster home in Ware, Massachusetts.

Bottom line, he was sick and, feeling unwell and unheard, he lashed out. That was all.

This tremendous task force was only possible thanks to the perseverance and generosity of so many volunteers. Without our team effort, Logan wouldn’t be alive, as the shelter didn’t have the resources to diagnose and treat him.

Our volunteers deserve a big round of applause for their efforts! Also, Kindness Animal Hospital and VCA Wickaboag Animal Hospitaldeserve a big thank you, as they gave us discounts to support Logan on his path back to health, and keep supporting Phinney’s Friends moving forward.

I am so proud of being part of Phinney’s. We are here to keep people and their beloved pets together. But if the human fails the animal — which seldom happens but sometimes it does — we make sure we don’t. We try to keep the beloved pet safe and give him a chance at happiness. We need them as much as they need us.



Daniela Caride, President

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  1. Elizabeth Warshaw permalink
    October 2, 2016 4:43 pm

    So glad to hear Logan is doing so well.
    Phinney’s Friends has such wonderful success stories to tell and it is a joy hearing them.
    To take older cats (or dogs) who have been left vulnerable for various reasons, after having had joyful lives with their now gone owners must be so confusing to them. They have done nothing wrong and are now in a strange, scary environment. Then Phinney’s steps in, and finds loving homes. These precious animals deserve nothing more than to live out their lives in peace and contentment. I never thought I would welcome so many older cats into my home (I love kittens !), but I have grown to love my post-retirement job. I encourage everyone to consider taking in older (or special needs) kitties into your home and your life. You will be rewarded with never-ending love.

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