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Fall Activities with Dogs

September 21, 2016
fall2With the beautiful falling leaves and dropping temperatures, fall is a gorgeous time of the year to enjoy with family and friends. Don’t forget to include your dog in your seasonal activities. There is so much that you can do together!

Get Outdoors
With the brisk fall weather in the air, it’s a perfect time to throw on some warm layers and take a nice stroll with your dog. Consider taking Fido on your next hike or bike, because the splendor of fall foliage is too nice to enjoy alone. But make sure that your dog is in good health if you’ll exercise him more than you generally do. Take him to the vet for a check up, as you don’t want your best friend to get hurt.

Get Cooking
Do you just love everything pumpkin flavored during the fall? Dogs do too! Pumpkin is a healthy, fresh treat that dogs just gobble up, and you won’t feel guilty about giving it to them. We’ve found a few delicious pup-kin snacks, like this pumpkin peanut butter recipe or these pumpkin dog biscuits.
Get Sporty
Fall sports aren’t just for people, dogs can enjoy sports too! Throw on your favorite jersey, grab a ball and head outdoors for a nice game of catch with your pup. Enjoy your time playing fetch in the backyard, and after you can both relax on the couch watching the real deal.
Stay Indoors
Sure, the weather might be great during the fall, but so it’s sure nice to cuddle up inside as well. Grab a hot cup of cider and sit in front a roaring fire with your dog. Sometimes there is nothing better than cuddling.
We hope you and your dog enjoy the most of the fall season!
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