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Phinney’s Helps Dogs With Diabetes Through Liam’s Fund

June 29, 2016


Eight-year-old mini pincher Rocky wasn’t feeling so good. His mom took him to the vet, and the test results came back positive for diabetes. The bills started to pile up, as Rocky needed insulin, blood work, syringes and more vet visits. What a nightmare!

Even though this wasn’t such great news, Rocky’s mom is now feeling quite relieved. She and Rocky are the first low-income family approved to receive help from Phinney’s Friends’ Liam’s Fund — our newest fund, which aims at helping those who need financial assistance with treatment for their diabetic dogs.

Rocky officially launched Liam’s Fund, recently established with resources from The Deirdre Dickinson Memorial Fund, in honor of Ms. Dickinson’s nephew, Liam.

Canine diabetes is a disease that, like in humans, can be controlled. But unfortunately it can get expensive very quickly, with all the supplies, medications and testing needed to keep the dog’s health stable. In just one year, the expenses can amount to a few thousand dollars according to Daniela Caride, President of Phinney’s Friends.

“We are so proud that Phinney’s Friends has been chosen to receive these funds and have a chance to help a group of pets who need so much ongoing financial help,” says Daniela. “Managing chronic diseases like diabetes is one of the biggest challenges for low-income pet owners who love their companion animals and want to provide the best of care to their best friends.”

For more information on canine diabetes, including symptoms and causes, check this link about common dog diseases by the ASPCA.

If you would like to make a donation towards diabetic dogs, please contact us or simply make a donation to support this very important cause. Rocky is the first of hundreds of dogs we’d like to help stay safe and happy in their loving homes.

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