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Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah & Rocky Bond on Their Weekly Walks

June 13, 2016

Sarah is a Phinney’s volunteer who every week walks Rocky, a sweet Maltese mix who just turned 12. She also trains new dog walkers for Phinney’s Friends when the organization needs to introduce a new human to a dog in need of walks.

But the task at Phinney’s that Sarah loves the most is definitely taking Rocky for regular strolls around the neighborhood, which has become a habit since since August of 2015. She also loves hanging out with Rocky’s parents and helping them take care of their beloved dog.

And even though, like in any relationship, it took her a little while to bond with Rocky, the two have developed a wonderful relationship. But since they’ve bonded, Sarah has gotten to know him really well, including  some of his adorable little habits. Rocky strokes his face with his paws when he wants to be pet, and he’s always willing to roll over for a good belly rub. He loves being the center of attention, and is always excited to see Sarah when she arrives.

Rocky is an eccentric little guy who sometimes barks “for no reason,” she says, or because he’s hearing things humans can’t hear. He is always up for a good game of fetch and loves curling up on Sarah’s lap after a long walk.

Sarah is thrilled to be a Phinney’s volunteer, and is especially grateful that she is able to spend time with Rocky. She is a dog lover but lives in an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs. Sarah is a native New Yorker who has been living in the Greater Boston Area since 1983. She is the full-time caregiver for her mother and an active proponent of animal and human rights, and she is also a vegan. While doing research on different organizations she could volunteer with in the summer of 2015, she came across Phinney’s, and was excited about the prospect of helping both people and pets at the same time —and, of course,  getting to spend time with dogs!

She thinks that anyone who wants to be part of an organization that helps both people and their pets, and helps them stay together, should consider volunteering with Phinney’s Friends.

For anyone on the fence about whether to volunteer, Sarah thinks that if they enjoy being with animals and want to help people, it’s a great way to do both. Sarah loves working with Phinney’s and was honored and surprised that she was nominated for this Volunteer Spotlight article. In light of all the valuable work she does with Rocky, she sure deserves the recognition for all her efforts.

“Sarah is loyal, compassionate, responsive and trustworthy,” says Daniela Caride, President of Phinney’s Friends, who first talked to Sarah over the phone when she was considering volunteering in the summer of 2015. “She has the qualities that make Phinney’s Friends possible, and we are delighted to have her on our team.”

We at Phinney’s – and Rocky too – thank you, Sarah!

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