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Macy the Cat Finds a Loving Home

June 1, 2016
MacyMacy, happily lounging on the couch


Macy is one lucky feline. His mom — someone Phinney’s Friends helped in the past with an emergency — suddenly passed away, and Macy, whom we loved very much, ended up in a shelter. Phinney’s Friends came to the rescue, to honor the mom’s wishes of a long and happy life for Macy, and placed him in permanent foster.

Macy joined Daisy the cat with Phinney’s foster mom, Elizabeth, who has been taking in cats from Phinney’s for many years. The three of them are now a happy team, and they are so grateful that there is a special organization like Phinney’s to take care of forlorn cats when the need arises.

“Macy’s a doll and a charmer,” Elizabeth says. “It’s like he recognizes how lucky he is!”

DaisyDaisy, lovin’ life


Elizabeth is a prime example of many of Phinney’s Friends volunteers. Years ago, she was on the receiving end of Phinney’s generosity. She was a regular client, getting ongoing care for her cats and dog, and Phinney’s also helped her with emergencies. Her dog, Morty, had a kidney blockage, and Phinney’s located a vet willing to perform the surgery at a discount and footed the bill entirely.

Then Elizabeth became a volunteer by not only fostering cats who needed a loving home, but also by screening people who needed emergency help for their animals. Since then, Elizabeth has fostered many cats for Phinney’s.

Daisy, Elizabeth’s other foster kitty, is an orange tabby who had a chronic medical condition that her owner was unable to control. Ultimately, she realized that Daisy would be better off with someone that could meet her medical needs. Elizabeth stepped in, and Daisy is doing wonderfully under Elizabeth’s care.

Daisy, however, seems to have “mixed feelings” about Macy sometimes. She doesn’t have a lot of patience for Macy, since she’s years older than him. Daisy is content to snooze, while Macy would rather play.

Once in a while, though, Daisy lures Macy over, then whacks him with her paw. Then she’ll yelp like he’s trying to beat her up! Like most siblings, these two have a complicated little rivalry going on. But for the most part, they are happy to share their loving home with Elizabeth and each other.

All animals are special in their own way, and some — like Macy and Daisy — really touch our hearts. Taking older cats who have unfortunately been left without a home through no fault of their own is such an important part of Phinney’s work, and Phinney’s is so grateful to Elizabeth for providing the perfect environment to Macy and Daisy.

Thank you, Elizabeth!

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  1. Elizabeth Warshaw permalink
    June 3, 2016 4:21 am

    THANK YOU. Phinney’s Friends for the outstanding work you do !–Elizabeth, Macy and Daisy

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