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Oakbog Provides Tech Support to Phinney’s

May 5, 2016

Adam Rosen, owner of Oakbog Professional Services, first became intrigued by the work we do at Phinney’s Friends after reading an article about us in the Boston Globe in 2014. The article talked about how Phinney’s helps pet owners keep their pets through hardship, and featured Arlene, one of our clients, who owns — and loves very much — a service dog named Cody.

Adam agreed that the bond that exists between animals and their owners is especially important when people are dealing with difficult times, as this is when people need the comfort of their pets the most.

Adam made a donation to Phinney’s and registered for our mailing list. But the next year he wanted to do more. He reached out to Phinney’s Friends’ President, Daniela Caride, and expressed his admiration for the work being done and offered to assist in any way he could. ­­­

After discussing a few options, Adam and Daniela found the perfect fit: technical support! Oakbog is a company that Adam founded to solve technical problems and provide advice for Apple-focused computing needs, and many Phinney’s volunteers use Apple computers and other devices when working for Phinney’s Friends.

Adam fondly refers to himself as a “plumber of the high tech.” Oakbog provides various levels of support for its clients — some call when they need help with a specific task such as setting up a new iPhone or Mac, while others call for assistance with upgrades, email problems or more complex issues.

Adam’s interest in Mac computers began when he watched the original (and now-famous) Apple commercial during the 1984 Super Bowl. He started using Macs in college while a Physics major at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA. The Mac represented a change to computers with a graphical user interface, with a focus on fonts and pictures never seen before outside of academia. While enabling the use of a Graphical User Interface was a major evolution for computers, Apple with the Mac also made this technology affordable to the masses. According to Adam, this was truly revolutionary.

While studying at MIT, Adam used Microsoft Word and Excel (available for the Mac before Windows even existed) to put together lab reports for his Physics classes. By the time he graduated, Adam had taken numerous computer programming classes and wrote a physics learning program on the Mac for his senior thesis. As the Mac became more popular and customers began to bring them into their homes and business, a new need arose – that of a computer specialist who could assist Mac users.

Adam had been providing technical assistance for Macs at a recording studio and a few clients on the side. In fact, many of Adam’s family members and friends came to him for tech support, and he was their unofficial IT guy! Therefore, ten years ago Adam decided to start his own business in technical support. The company grew through technical experience and targeted marketing, along with the rise in the use of Apple devices in the past decade.  Oakbog now supports not only Mac computers, but also iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs and many other devices.

According to Adam, the most satisfying aspect of running his own business has been working hard, helping people, and watching it succeed.  While coming up with new ways to make Oakbog thrive, he truly enjoys his work – and the ability to set his own schedule!

When not working Adam enjoys rehabbing his old house and repairing many of its quirks. He also enjoys vacations with a “technical savvy twist,” such as visiting destinations with a computing history. One such get-a-way that Adam mentioned was his trip to Toronto last year to visit an area vintage computing museum.

Not that Adam has to travel far to happen upon a museum of this variety — he actually houses a collection of vintage computers that celebrate Macs’ 30+ yearlong legacy. Called the Vintage Mac Museum, it is a working collection of the older generations of Macintosh computers. Adam has found that many people really want their old Macs to go to a good home when they have finished using them, and he is happy to provide that (when space permits). His museum also includes many rare items, such as examples of an Apple Mac logo that was never used and several prototype devices.

Oakbog supports customers in their homes and businesses. Adam enjoys these visits not only for the technical support aspect, but also because he gets to spend time with his clients’ pets. A self-professed “cat-person,” Adam has even become quite fond of dogs after working with so many clients who have dogs over the years! He especially cherishes his two cats — 15-year-old Fudge and 13-year-old Oreo — who keep him on his toes (and occasionally try to “assist” with typing on the keyboard).

Adam is happy to work with Phinney’s Friends to provide technical support for using Macs, email management and internet issues, and even helping with the newsletter via programs such as Mail Chimp. And we, of course, are thrilled to have him on the team and look forward to a long collaborative partnership with Oakbog. Thank you, Adam!

For more information on Oakbog, visit

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