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Scrappy the Jack Russell is Pain Free and Happy

March 30, 2016

Cynthia’s dog Scrappy, a Jack Russell Terrier, is fairly young at around six years of age. So it came as a surprise to her to find out Scrappy was suffering from glaucoma.

Cynthia found this out when she took Scrappy to his veterinarian after he was accidentally hit in his left eye with a toy. Scrappy’s vet suggested that Cynthia take her doggie to a veterinary ophthalmologist because the issue needed to be looked at by a specialist. By then, a film had developed over both of Scrappy’s eyes and a pre-surgery exam discovered that his right eye had increased pressure due to glaucoma. The ophthalmologist said both of Scrappy’s eyes would have to be removed, as the condition was painful. He could no longer see.

“It was heartbreaking. He had to go through such a big ordeal. I cried my eyes out,” Cynthia said.

Not only was Cynthia upset about the idea of Scrappy having his eyes removed, but she also had to worry about how to pay for such an expensive surgery. The specialist told Cynthia that some people in her situation choose to have their dog or cat put down, but Cynthia knew that wasn’t an option.

“I love my dog and that’s not what you do when you love your animal,” said Cynthia, who knew Scrappy could have a long, happy life even without being able to see.

Fortunately, Scrappy’s vet told Cynthia about Phinney’s Friends and the work we do to help low-income Massachusetts residents and their pets stay together by fostering and helping pay for boarding or veterinary services. Phinney’s stepped in and paid for this little dog’s surgery.

“I never knew there was something like that out there,” Cynthia said.  “I thank Phinney’s Friends for their help because I didn’t have the money.”

Scrappy had double eye removal in December and has been making a slow but steady recovery at home with Cynthia. She has worked with Scrappy a lot since the surgery to get him accustomed to life without eyes, and he continues to be a very energetic dog who loves everybody.

“He’s doing well. He’s back to being Scrappy.” And for that, we are so glad.


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