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A Healthy Mouth for Katie the Cat

March 26, 2016

Deborah’s cat Katie means everything to her, which is why she was horrified to discover a mass in Katie’s mouth in January. It started with Katie having difficulty eating and blood in her saliva that would sometimes drip onto the fur on her white chest.

“I just knew it was bad,” said Deborah.

When Deborah took Katie to the Vet’s office, the Veterinarian told her the mass would have to be removed at a cost of $1,200 to $1,400. The price was far too great for a woman who lives off of social security.

“I was devastated. I lay down on the floor and cried because I don’t have that type of money. It was a punch in the gut when this happened,” she said.

Deborah knew she had to find a way to help Katie, so she started by calling a local humane society. Several referrals later, she found out about Phinney’s Friends.

That spot of hope was almost dashed when Deborah heard a message on Phinney’s voice mail that stated that we were not taking on any new clients at that time – we were just stretched so thin with the clients we already had. Luckily, Deborah decided to leave a message detailing her situation anyway, and one of our Client Coordinators called Deborah back the same day. We try very hard to help everyone, so we had to step in to help Katie.

Once Phinney’s verified Deborah was eligible for Phinney’s funds, Katie was able to have surgery to have the oral mass removed, which a dental radiograph showed was not cancerous! Yay!

It took less than a week after surgery for Katie to be “back to her wonderful self,” and Deborah is forever grateful to Phinney’s for making that happen.

“Phinney’s Friends were able to step in and help in more ways than one, and I’ll never forget that,” she said.

Deborah and her cat Katie are an example of how Phinney’s Friends helps people in Massachusetts and their pets stay together through our Emergency Program, which offers fostering and helps pay for boarding and veterinary treatment for the ones in need. Happy tails, Katie!

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