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Now You Can Sponsor a Phinney’s Pet!

March 2, 2016

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Phinney’s Friends launched the Sponsor a Pet Program in the hopes of raising extra funds for families who depend on ongoing pet care from us in order to keep their beloved animals.

As a sponsor, you help someone struggling to pay for veterinary care and even pet food and supplies. You can choose to sponsor through a monthly donation or a one-time donation – whatever you are most comfortable with. And in return for your support, you get an update every six months on your sponsored pet and their family, so you can see where (and how) your donations are making a difference.

By way of example, a donation of $20 a month for a year (or a $250 one-time donation) will cover an annual vet visit, vaccines, and flea/tick preventatives for your sponsored pet. But of course, you can provide any amount you are comfortable with – no donation is too small.

To see the pets currently available for sponsorship at Phinney’s, visit and read the profiles of these furry friends. With your help, Phinney’s Friends can provide a long, happy life for these pets and many more.

Please consider becoming a sponsor today!

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