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Barbara and JP the Cat Grateful for Phinney’s Help

February 15, 2016

jp the cat


JP the Cat — a 7-year-old male who is mostly white, with a little dark gray on his forehead — is quite the social butterfly. He enjoys human company and meows after visitors leave. He wakes up his mom, Barbara, in the morning to be fed, and he has recently started jumping on the counter when hungry.

Barbara discourages his flamboyant behavior. But she never gets mad at him, as she loves him so much for his friendship and the love he provides.

When Barbara was in her 60’s, she gradually became less and less able to care for all of her cat’s needs, as she was low-income and had developed health issues. Today she is bound to a wheelchair and relies on Phinney’s Friends to make sure her beloved JP will be happy and well.

Since she became a Phinney’s Friends client many years ago, we have been sending volunteers to her home to trim JP’s nails, take her handsome cat to vet visits and bring them cat litter. Phinney’s also ships pet food to her home. Also, any time Barbara has a question about JP’s care, she is able to contact Phinney’s and talk to a loving volunteer.

Barbara got JP on July 3rd, 2010. She remembers the exact date because it was the date of her parents’ wedding anniversary. Barbara’s brother had taken his pet to Angell Animal Medical Center for a vet appointment with Dr. Jean Duddy. During the vet visit, her brother told the doctor that Barbara was looking for a cat. Two weeks later, Dr. Duddy found JP for Barbara. JP’s name was originally Snowflake, but the doctor insisted she changed it. “He’s no snowflake!” Barbara fondly remembers her saying.

The “spoiled rotten” JP, as Barbara calls him, is not the first pet Phinney’s helped her with. Phinney’s assisted Barbara with Mimi the cat, then with her small dog LuLu. When asked about how her experience with Phinney’s has been, Barbara had only words of satisfaction and gratefulness. “Fantastic, wonderful!” she interjected.

“Phinney’s Friends is well organized and knows what they are doing. It has made my life a lot easier,” she added. “It’s nice to get help from animal people, who love helping people and pets together. I’m very thankful that I found Phinney’s Friends.”


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