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Host a Phinney’s-Inspired Event

February 10, 2016

Are you looking for a way to help Phinney’s? How about supporting a Phinney’s-inspired event?

Birthday Party
In lieu of traditional gifts, ask your friends and family to bring a “gift” for Phinney’s Friends instead. They can do this by donating through Pay Pal or mailing a check. You can find more information on Gift certificates to stores such as PetSmart, Petco, and also help a lot — we can use them to buy much-needed supplies for dogs, cats and other pets we help. Don’t forget, you can celebrate your pet’s birthday with a Phinney’s-inspired party too!

Wedding Gift
Instead of asking wedding guests to buy a blender or a fancy picture frame, consider asking them to make a donation to Phinney’s Friends on your behalf. Your guests will feel great giving such a thoughtful gift, and you will feel pretty amazing too!

Baby Shower
Are you having a baby shower but don’t need all that baby gear? Send a note in your invitation asking guests to kindly make a donation in your name to Phinney’s Friends instead of bringing you presents!

Corporate Matching
Ask your employer if they would match your donations raised, or your hours worked as a volunteer, and start the fundraising! Some organizations will match donations at a 1:1 ratio, which is an easy way to double the funds.

Wine Night
Supply a fun night of wine and cheese for your friends and all they need to bring is a small donation or gift to Phinney’s Friends. Your friends will have a great time at your party and you will feel great raising funds for a great cause.

So, think Phinney’s next time you host an event!

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