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Phinney’s Helps Valley Get Dental Surgery

February 7, 2016

Valley is a 6-year-old loving tortoiseshell domestic shorthair cat who is always by Margaret’s side. She takes excellent care of Valley and loves him very much, but was unable to pay for Valley’s much-needed dental surgery, as she is low-income.

Valley’s mom sought help at Boston Veterinary Care, at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The staff there, who loves Phinney’s Friends, suggested she contact us for financial assistance. Phinney’s screened her and paid for Valley’s dental work at the clinic, which was accompanied by pre-surgical blood work to make sure the frisky feline was OK to go under anesthesia.

Valley got his pretty little teeth scaled and polished along with the needed tooth extractions. Dental disease can lead to many other ailments if it goes untreated, so now Valley will have much better quality of life. He recovered well from the procedure and now has a healthy, pain-free mouth to eat and groom with!

Valley’s mom was very appreciative of Phinney’s help in treating Valley’s dental disease. We are so happy that Valley is doing well. Happy tails!

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