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Santa Helped Phinney’s Raise Funds for Pets in Need

February 5, 2016

Santa Claus outdid himself this Holiday season! He raised almost $1k for Phinney’s Friends, posing for hundreds of pictures on December 5th and 12th, 2015, at Pet Source stores in Concord and Marlborough, in Massachusetts.

Santa’s one patient fella! He hugged and held dogs of all sizes, and even took some nice pictures with a cat! He was so easy-going and had a big smile on his face throughout the entire photo shoot. This is not all that surprising, since Santa has historically inspired and continues to inspire people around the world with his love and generosity, right?

All the animals got their perfect angle photographed by our volunteers, and later pet owners got an email with the best shots of their families.

Luna the boxer mix was the luckiest of all during the photo shoot. Because of her super-cute red and white “Puppy Love” outfit, she won Phinney’s Friends dog gift basket worth $150 in products. Her dad, Rich, was very happy her good looks and fashionable garment paid off.

A special thank you to Pet Source and their staff for supporting Phinney’s Friends with this event, and for always supporting many of our initiatives. And a big thank you to Bridget, Daniela, Emily, John, Jordan, Joyce, Judy, Jan, Kait, Lisa, Marilyn, Marissa, Michele, Nitin, Rachael, Rachelyn, Shannon and Sheena, the volunteers who made this event a reality!

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