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Year in Review – Some of Phinney’s 2015 Success Stories

February 3, 2016

It’s been a great year at Phinney’s! We believe that the human-animal bond is important to both people and their pets, and that’s why we do everything we can to make sure animals and their beloved owners stay together. We’ve helped so many people and pets this year. And we are excited for what 2016 has in store. Here are just a few of our favorite success stories from 2015.

  • Our beautiful kitty client Ace is a picky eater, and we were all very concerned when the vet said he should be on prescription diet from now on. But thank goodness Phinney’s Friends can purchase the prescription food for his mom! The food arrived, and Ace LOVES it! Ace’s mom is very grateful for the support Phinney’s provides her – from paying vet bills to supplying Ace with his special food.

Post III Photo Ace

  • Mya the rescue kitty got a kitten stuck in her birth canal while pregnant. Mya needed an emergency C-section to save her life, and she also needed to be spayed, so she wouldn’t bring even more kitties to the world in the future. Her mom could never afford the surgery, so she let it go until, oops, Mya got knocked up. Phinney’s helped save four kitties at once – Mya and three babies! Our new Emergency Program after-hours at an emergency clinic in the Boston area made it all possible. Now Mya is back home, healthy, and her babies are re-homed into wonderful families.

Post III Photo Mya

  • Sophie is a 5-year old Cocker Spaniel/Poodle Mix whose mom was severely injured in a fire and rendered unconscious. Sophie needed an immediate foster home. Phinney’s was able to find a wonderful family to shelter her temporarily. Then her mom passed away, and the family was so in love with Sophie, that they decided to adopt her when she became available. It is so sad she lost her mom. But we are glad we could fulfill her wishes to see her beloved dog safe and happy again.

Post III Photo Sophie

  • Daisy is a permanent Phinney’s foster, who came to her foster mom as a rather nervous kitty with chronic, open wound infections. She was on strong antibiotics every day, and it was predicted that she would be on those pills for the rest of her life. Phinney’s Friends paid for a surgery that fixed the problem of anal gland infections for good. Daisy is now sweet, relaxed, happy and constantly purring, and she loves watching the birds and basking in the sun. Since her surgery, Daisy has also been able to focus on fun cat things, like chasing feathers, and tormenting her kitty brother Macy, also a Phinney’s permanent foster.

Post III Photo Daisy


  • Mister the cat used to live with his mom, but their building in Montague, Massachusetts, caught fire on Thanksgiving. The apartment was gone, and Mister was burned on several parts of his body. Phinney’s Friends came to Mister’s rescue and paid for his check-up at the Vet, and it became clear that Mister needed emergency surgery. Phinney’s paid for the procedure, and Mister is on his way to recovery!

Post III Photo Mister

  • Sunshine is an adorable kitty that we’ve been helping for a while. We fostered him in the past when his mom wasn’t able to find pet-friendly housing. Now, Sunshine’s mom has a little place where Sunny is welcome. But he recently had a blood pressure problem and Phinney’s paid for several vet bills to get him checked and to get him meds. Now he is so much better!

Post III Photo Sunshine

  • Kai is a beautiful pup who was suffering from terrible allergies. Phinney’s helped him get his allergy serum because money was very tight for his mom. Now Kai will continue to be healthy, with his allergies under control!

Post III Photo Kai

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  1. Elizabeth Warshaw permalink
    March 29, 2016 2:21 am

    Indeed, Daisy is very relaxed and does at times torment Macy, but, once in a while the worm turns and Macy gets his due !!! They’re really very happy together :-) !

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