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Maya the Dog Saved From the Streets!

January 29, 2016

Post I PhotoThis beautiful pup is Maya. Maya’s mom was placed in the unfortunate situation of having to move into low-income housing for a year that did not allow pets. This is an issue we see pet lovers face very often here in Massachusetts. Maya was staying with someone, but sadly she was not being treated as well as she deserved in that situation.

That’s when Phinney’s Friends stepped in to help. We were able to help Maya within minutes of being put out on the street. Maya is now living with a Phinney’s foster who loves her, and Maya loves her foster in return! In fact, Maya loves her foster so much that she tries to take attention away from the foster’s own dog!

Thanks to the knowledge of Phinney’s President Daniela Caride, as well as some wonderful Phinney’s volunteers, we were able to save Maya from an unknown fate. Maya’s mom had the following to say:  “THANK YOU! I am crying for joy with gratitude. You guys are awesome.” Phinney’s mission to keep animals with their owners has truly been fulfilled in this case!

If you or anyone you know is having difficulty finding pet-friendly housing in Massachusetts, the following MSPCA webpage has some resources that may be helpful:

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