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Message From Phinney’s President

October 21, 2015

What a wonderful year Phinney’s had! Our fiscal year runs from July to June, and we recently finished processing all the numbers for people and pets that we helped.

For the hundreds of families and pets we assisted during our year, some numbers stick out:

We paid $13k on vet bills to save animals who were gravely ill, and $23k more on annual vet checks, tests and medication to keep beloved pets healthy.

We also spent $19k on pet supplies – almost all of it pet food – for dozens of families in need, equaling seven tons of food.

Through our pantry, we sorted, organized and distributed to families in need additional 4.5 tons of food, which we estimate were worth $17.5k.

On top of it, I should mention all of the care our volunteers provided to so many pets and their families. The care that we gave ranged from dog walking, fostering and nail trims to transportation to the vet, feeding and much more.

We help on a regular basis families who would lose their pets without our assistance. These are people who most likely got ill, which led to losing their income and making it impossible for them to afford vet bills and pet supplies. On top of it, their illnesses may also prevent them from giving their animals the care that they need. So that’s where we jump in. We visit the pets, make sure they look well, talk to the pet parents, try to come up with a plan to help them stay together.

What we do is not easy and requires the knowhow of a large group of volunteers working together day and night. But being able to see the people coping with hardships better because their pets are there for them is priceless and well worth the effort.

That’s why we keep on going, coming up with new ideas and hopefully solutions to all the challenges ahead. And because of the brilliance and stamina of our volunteers, and generosity of our donors, we can continue growing.

Our plan is that next year I will present to you even greater numbers, which will mean we saved even more lives. So if you are part of Phinney’s, I thank you for your efforts to make this wonderful organization possible. If you are not involved, I invite you to be part of this beautiful project that saves pets and people every day.

Daniela Caride
Phinney’s Friends President


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  1. Susana Zanette permalink
    October 21, 2015 11:53 pm

    Wonderful work, please go on!

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