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Bike Riders raised over $15k to help pet parents living with HIV

October 18, 2015

phinneysride3The eight riders and a crew of Phinney’s Friends volunteers, who worked hard to raise funds for pet parents living with HIV and AIDS, raised over $15k on September 19 and 20 while enjoying good exercise and friendship in the outdoors. The 150-mile ride they took from Stow MA to Fitzwilliam NH and back was a success!

Dr. Roger Peduzzi, Chief of Staff at Hudson Animal Hospital, once more lead this two-day event. Every other year, this group of good friends gathers to do some much needed fundraising, and it’s always a fun ride — not a race.

“To see the riders’ skill and endurance as they negotiated the arduous twists and turns and hills of the route — lots of them — was truly inspiring,” says Phinney’s Vice-President Judy Bell, who volunteered as a pilot in one of the crew member cars.

“The crew was busy keeping the riders on course and safe, and giving ‘verbal pushes’ of encouragement to help them along the way.”

After the first day of riding — a total of 75 miles uphill –, everyone appreciated the quiet woods and comfortable cabin for a well-deserved good night’s sleep, but not before they ate their fill of delicious lasagna and other goodies that the crew prepared. Some riders took a refreshing dip in the nearby lake, although most decided to skip a plunge into the cold waters.

Next morning, the crew prepared a breakfast of eggs, sausages, fruit, bread and, of course, coffee to send the riders on their way.
At the end of the ride, volunteers, friends and family members celebrated the riders’ return with much fanfare, food and cold drinks in Stow. The team was in great spirits and parted happy, knowing they achieved their goals of completing the ride and raising funds for Phinney’s Friends.

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