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All You Need Is Love! Fostering With Phinney’s Friends

October 1, 2015
Photo by DaPuglet

Photo by DaPuglet

You may think you would have to pay for food, litter and vet costs when you foster. No way! If you foster through Phinney’s Friends, we will pay the bills and for supplies. You provide the love!

Phinney’s Friends will send pet food from its pantry. If there’s no food available there, we will purchase it and ship it to your home. If the pet needs vaccinations or to go to the vet, you contact us and we will arrange a vet visit at a vet who gives us a discount and come up with a plan to treat the pet along with the owner.

Please consider fostering! Many of our clients need fosters for their pets for periods of weeks to months for a variety of reasons, including medical emergencies and the inability to find pet-friendly housing.

For more information, please reach out to us! You can also check out this article on pet fostering from animal-shelters-and-rescues/ fostering-dogs/what-is-dog- fostering/

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