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Summer news from our President

June 25, 2015

Message From Our President, Daniela Caride

DanielaHello, friends!

I wrote this letter right after coming back from meeting a new client – a super nice couple, their child, and their two cats, Toby and Annie. We met at a parking lot in the suburbs, where they handed me their cats and their many toys, beds, food and litter, so they can stay with us for the next few months.

This family just lost their home and they have been living at a friend’s house while waiting for low-income housing. It’s so very hard to come across pet-friendly rentals in New England, and this family was desperate to find a safe place for their beloved cats while trying to figure out new living arrangements.

I took Toby and Annie to their foster home, where they were greeted by one of our most loyal volunteers and her son. Our volunteer will take good care of Phinney’s new tabby friends. I was elated when I drove back home. It’s so good to know we avoided an unnecessary surrender to a shelter, as these two kitties are dearly loved by their humans, which was evident by how hard it was for them to let go of the cats, and by their many instructions on how to feed them and the abundant amount of information they provided on their habits and quirks.

None of this wonderful charitable work could be done without the support of so many generous people who donate money and pet supplies, and who volunteer their time to the pets and people in need. Phinney’s Friends saves lives and human-animal relationships every day because of people like you.

And that’s where our brand-new online newsletter comes into play! I am so excited that we are launching the new Phinney’s Friends Newsletter because it will be such a fun venue for you to find out about the many people and pets we help, and the amazing volunteers that make this organization a reality.

We will also use the Newsletter to keep you up to speed on upcoming events and fundraisers, and to let you know how you can help us grow. It will also be a nice tool for you to use to approach your family and friends and have them join us on this quest to support low-income people and their pets.

Our Newsletter is one of the many new projects we are cooking up and launching. We have been pushing hard to develop new fundraisers, structure committees and attract more volunteers, so we can ultimately assist more low-income families in need and people dealing with crisis.

So stay tuned and don’t forget to share with your loved ones your passion for Phinney’s. You will save a pet’s life and make another pet-loving family very, very happy.

Daniela Caride

Phinney’s Friends President

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