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Client Spotlight: Jack M. & his Beautiful Cats

April 9, 2015


We often take for granted how easy it is to move around – to walk out the front door, get in our cars, on our bikes, or on the T – and go where we want when we want. Jack M. is not so lucky. Having suffered significant injuries while courageously serving our country in the Vietnam War, he is now confined to a wheelchair, only able to leave his apartment complex on rare occasions.

Thankfully, Jack has the loyal companionship of his two beautiful cats, Fritzie and Mitzie. A former police officer, Jack acquired the pair of calicos from a fellow state trooper when they were rescued after being heartlessly thrown from a car. These two beautiful cats now keep Jack company, following him wherever he goes. That often includes late-night trips to the apartment courtyard, where the three of them enjoy the cool night air together.

When the team spends time together outside, Jack keeps the cats on a leash. Surprisingly, they don’t seem to mind it at all! (Aside from the time one of the girls spotted a family of raccoons crossing the road; she slipped out of the leash and chased the raccoons up a tree! With a saucer of milk, a flashlight, and a lot of determination, Jack was able to coax her back into the apartment).

Jack has always had a warm spot in his heart for calicos, and who could blame him? His grandmother had one that amazingly lived to be 28 years old. As a child, Jack had a German Shepherd dog, so he has always loved the company of animals. Fritzie and Mitzie provide Jack with an endless supply of love and companionship.

Phinney’s Friends is honored to help Jack care for his feline friends. We make sure the cats have food and toys, and trim their nails. We also take the cats to the veterinarian for checkups when needed.

Like a lot of other people, Jack would love to win the lottery one day. He has a plan for what to do with his winnings if that happens. “I’m telling you, I would give a third of what I won to Phinney’s Friends,” Jack says. “It’s the least I could do, for all that they have done for me.”


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