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Pictures w/Easter Bunny at Pet Source Help Low-Income People & Pets

April 5, 2015

Pictures with Easter Bunny at Pet Source Help Low-Income People and Pets

pet-pictures-with-easter-bunnyPet Source charitable event Easterpalooza in Marlborough on March 29, 2015, was a tremendous success. For the first time, Phinney’s Friends offered picture taking with the Easter Bunny, with dog goodie bags for the adventures pooches that decided to pose for the camera.

Generous customers made a donation to support Phinney’s Friends cause, making possible for us to continue helping low-income people in Massachusetts and their pets with vet bills, boarding and pet food.

Everyone had so much fun there. Kids were excited about Phinney’s Friends table, where they got crayons to color an egg basket picture. A mob of little dogs also crowded the place at some point, and all the dog moms proudly showed off their beloved canines, all dressed up and well behaved. We also had one big dog, Gabbi the Rottweiler, to satisfy the eyes of the ones who enjoy a strong but loveable pooch.

“Pet Source has been supporting Phinney’s Friends during the past years with donation jars at their counters and several recurring events throughout the year,” says Daniela Caride, Phinney’s Friends President. “We are so grateful for this continued support and all the great ideas they have to make those events more and more fun every year. What a wonderful, generous group of pet lovers they are.”

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