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Elsa the lioness

August 7, 2014

We just got this lovely note from Elizabeth, one of our most hard-working volunteers who is permanently fostering Daisy the cat.


Here is a little blurb about Daisy:

I’ve nicknamed her Elsa, because she is the most beautiful and sweetest little lioness I’ve ever met.

She is my new found friend, a 10, maybe 11 year old marmalade kitty that Phinney’s Friends needed to find a home for.  And, fortunately for me,  they decided to name me as her new forever home. She has taken to the cat tree, to a cardboard box, to the fully fenced in balcony where she thinks someone designed it just for her, but, especially she has taken to my lap — what a treat for me!

Each time I take an older cat, I say to myself “OK, no more senior cats.” But then one comes along, and how can you say “No”?  If not me? They become such a joy — and I’m not even a crazy cat lady!  It is almost as if you can sense their gratitude, and really I am the one who is grateful.

Thanks Phinney’s Friends for the wonderful work you do and the people and pets you serve.

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