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Pooh the cat doing great after tooth removal!

June 21, 2014

We have just received this lovely message from one of the families we helped this week. We are all so happy we could save this kitty with such a simple procedure. Two teeth pulled, and here is a perfectly healthy cat going back home to her loved ones. :-)

**Disclaimer! After the letter, you will see pix of Pooh. The last one is kind of graphic because it shows the bad teeth that were pulled. So, if you don’t want to see it, just look at the pretty face on the first 3 pictures, OK? **

Dear Julia,

I wanted to send you the pix Union Square vet took of the badly decayed upper tooth that they removed on Wednesday. Deanna did a before and after pic, sorry — the before pic is quite Ugh! They also had to remove a lower tooth on the same side. But Pooh got through the procedure fine. She is still a bit spaced out but already clearly feeling much better.
She was immediately steady on her feet as soon as I got her home, so I am glad I discussed anesthesia options in depth with the vets there. They primarily used gas.

She has been eating, and drinking, sleeping, etc. just fine. I am expecting that in another day or two, when all the meds are out of her system, the “spaced out” effect will be completely gone.

The most amazing thing is that she so obviously already feels BETTER!!! No pain! So she is more alert, yet more relaxed when sleeping, has a good appetite, is in much better spirits. She is still getting accustomed to eating with fewer teeth, but she is learning fast. Today she has already eaten 1 1/2 cans of food!

I am sending a couple of other photos of Pooh. Two were taken a few years ago. The other was taken just recently. I noticed that she sometimes gets a bit chilly in cold weather, so I got a chihuahua sweater for her on sale at Petco — only $3 and it does help keep her warmer. She seems quite comfy when she wears it.

Thanks so much to everyone at Phinney’s Friends! I will send a further update again in a few days. All the best to everyone at Phinney’s Friends.

Jan and Pooh (and Bunny, my 8 year old cat, rescued from the streets of Brooklyn, says thanks and Hi too)

PoohBed PoohCU PoohPinkJacket PoohTooth1

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