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Hug Your Cat Day

May 15, 2014

(Gloson Teh)

Celebrate hug your cat day! Not only hug your cat, but play and spend some time with your cat today! You can get your cat a treat or a new toy to play with. You can groom and pet your cat. Talk to your cat and show that you love your pet. Physical contact with your cat has several benefits. As I mentioned you could hug, pet, groom and hold your cat. Physical attention creates a stronger bond between you and your pet. Your pet will feel more comfortable with you as you spend more time and physical attention your cat needs. The loving attention you provide will also lower the development of bad cat behavior. Cats may get bored and will do things to get attention, which include misbehavior. A bit more attention will reduce these actions and promote more positive interactions. Hugs also promote happiness and a healthy life not only for your cat but for you too. Whenever you are feeling stressed out, hugging your pet can help calm you down and cheer you up. Positive feelings from interacting with your pet will influence your behaviors, your actions, and often favor a positive healthy state. So enjoy this day and many others of loving your pet. -By Christine Oslowski

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