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Nick the Cat is Happy with His Leg

May 6, 2014

We have just received a letter from Joey, one of the people Phinney’s Friends helps. After years living with a wound that would not heal completely, his cat, Nick, is finally cured! Phinney’s Friends paid for his skin graft.

Nick is finally done with his hospital treatments! He ended up needing 5 bandage change visits and they ran approx $300 each […]. We felt like Phinney’s Friends was so supportive and kind with your coverage of his operation, we decided […] to postpone our wedding for a year, so we used $1500 from the money that [we] had saved for the wedding to cover the additional costs. It just wouldn’t feel right calling you and asking for more money. So all that is done and behind us. And our wedding will now be Fall of 2015 I hope.”

Nick will need to wear his big double cone for 6-8 weeks, but considering he lived in that thing for almost a year and a half before, a few weeks is a walk in the park. I will slowly introduce him to periods without the cone after about 3 weeks, while I closely supervise him, and then I plan to have him completely ‘cone free’ on July 1st ! I’ve enclosed 2 photos that I took the day he came home without his bandage, but to be honest, now a week later, the leg looks even better ! It will grow hair now, which he had never had before after his major orthopedic surgeries, and his leg will grow in size as his muscles build again.

Thank you all SOOOOO much for saving my beautiful boy’s leg !!!!!!!

Hugs to all humans and animals !





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