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Today is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

April 30, 2014

(Caruba photo)

Looking for a new pet to be a part of your life? Consider adopting a pet at a local shelter. These animals need a new loving home and will shower with you with joy. Shelter pets come in all varieties and ages, and if you choose an adult pet, you will know his personality and size — a huge advantage. 

Where to adopt? You can search for shelters nearby at, or a simple Google search will lead you to a ton of local shelter locations. Often the shelter websites will list the animals they currently have available for adoption, and their websites are generally have more recent info on the animals than Petfinder. If the website of your local shelter is not showing much, stop by and meet everyone.

Prioritize local organizations! Adopting an animal that is far away and needs to be shipped to you can be tricky. As you have never interacted with the pet in person, when he arrives, he might not get along with your pets, or might not fit exactly the description you were expecting. 

The best approach is visiting the shelter and playing with the pet of your interest. If you feel a bond with this animal, continue the adoption process. Often you will need references and a verification that pets are allowed at your home. Income and employment information may also be needed.

Don’t need a pet? Many shelters take donations and offer volunteer opportunities to encourage support and care of their animals. Some places also offer foster options to care for their animals away from the shelter.

Enjoy Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

– By Christine Oslowsky

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