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Dog Walking Tips

April 16, 2014
(Jan-Erik Finnberg Photo)

(Jan-Erik Finnberg Photo)

Spring is here, which means time to start getting outside and walking with your dog. Is your dog unruly and makes it difficult to have a safe and fun walk? There are many dog experts who recommend using the walk as a training tool with your pet.

Try these 5 tips for perfecting the dog walk:

1) Use a short leash.

Using a short leash allows for you to have more control over your dog. It also allows for you to more easily guide your dog using communications and correction techniques.

2) Walk in front of Fido.

When you walk in front of your dog you establish yourself as the pack leader. You should always make sure that your dog is next to you or behind you during your walk.

3) Don’t rush your walk.

Make sure that you set aside more than enough time to provide your dog with the best exercise. Many veterinarians and dog trainers agree that a dog walk should be between thirty minutes to an hour. Of course, if your dog starts to tire, then consider taking a break.

4) Provide a reward.

You should always reward your dog for doing a job well done! A reward can come in the form of a treat, a loving pat or allowing the dog to play around in the grass. Either way, you should always be in control of your dog and should reward them properly when they follow your lead.

5) Have fun!

A walk can be a great time to bond with your pet! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and enjoy the sunny, spring weather! Invite friends with you to enjoy conversation, and exercise, together!


– By Rachelyn Provencher


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