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5 Things to do with Your Dog This Spring

March 28, 2014

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Now that it is officially spring, it’s time to think of all the fun things you can do with your dog in the warmer weather. Here are a few of our favorite spring activities that you can share with your pet:

1) Play Fetch! When the weather starts to warm up and the snow starts to melt, your dog will be anxious to get outside and run. So dig up the old tennis ball you stored during the cold winter months and play fetch with your Fido. Not only is playing fetch great for your pup, it is also a perfect light exercise for you.

2) Doggy Play Dates! Call up all your friends who have dogs that have been cooped up all winter and get to your local dog park. Not only is a dog park great for dog socializing, but it can help bring you and your friends together as well. Use this fun “Bring Fido” website to find off-leash dog parks in Boston.

3) Take a Hike! Nothing says spring more than an awesome hike on a warm day. Lace up your hiking boots and grab a leash, your dog will love traversing through the woods and mountains. Plus, you will both enjoy some great fresh air and plenty of healthy exercise.

4) Run Fido, Run! If you love to run then why not consider bringing man’s best friend along with you? Make sure to put your dog on a leash and get going. Consider joining in on the “Paws & Claw’s 5k Run/Walk” meant for runners and dogs alike in Hopkinton, MA.

5) Camp Out!  Why not look into pet-friendly campsites where you can truly enjoy the great outdoors with your best friend. Camping can start as early as spring time, so find a nice warm day and grab your tent. Don’t forget to bring lots of water and food for your pet, so they can truly enjoy the most of the great outdoors.


– Rachelyn Provencher

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