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The Beegees – happy kitties enjoying their new home

February 22, 2014

We’ve got this sweet message from Elizabeth, one of the people Phinney’s Friends helps. She needed surgery, and was so upset she’d have to leave her two new resident cats, Big Brother and Good Girl (or the Beegees), home alone for a few days. Volunteers Laura and Colette stepped in and visited the kitties every day to make sure they had everything they needed. What a wonderful team of volunteers Phinney’s has! Thank you, guys!

Here is Laura with Bog Brother at Elizabeth's.

Here is Laura with Bog Brother at Elizabeth’s.

Dear Daniela and Starr,

It will never be possible to thank Laura, Colette, and all the people connected with Phinney’s Friends with the help you have provided my precious critters.  They are getting top notch, personalized, loving care, while being able to stay in their comfy home, on my bed (they think it is THEIR bed!), eating out of their bowls where they remain always in the same spot. Nothing changed except for new folks in their lives, who learned to love these delightful cats very quickly.

They are beautiful, with their glistening black coats. They are talkative, sometimes at 4 a.m., but that is ok; most of the time! And,  they are very affectionate. You just can’t help but love them… I am so lucky to have them living with me.  Thank you.



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