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It’s so good to help!

January 16, 2014

I just got this lovely email from Story, our Client Manager…

Story Adams


6:33 PM (22 minutes ago)

to Daniela, Starr
I just called Sandra to make sure she got her food delivery and thank her for getting Artie’s rabies records faxed in. She told me about Artie’s UTI emergency these past couple of days. She was so grateful to Phinney’s for helping them through this and for the food. She seems like such a sweet person. Listening to her tells me that she thought about giving him up so that he could be with somebody who could afford him before she received help. It made me so grateful to be part of such an organization like this. “Thank goodness for Phinney’s” as Sandra said!
It is so inspiring to help others. A “thank you” from a pet owner in need is more powerful than a thousand words, and it brightens our lives. That’s why we are Phinney’s Friends volunteers.
If you’d like to join us and get some of those “thank you’s”, apply here! :-)
– Daniela Caride, Phinney’s Friends President
PS – The names of the owner and her cat have been changed to protect their privacy.
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