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A year with Charlie

January 5, 2014

Charlie, one of the dogs Phinney’s Friends helped and later re-homed, is alive and kicking despite all his medical issues. He has such desire to live, and part of it is because of our amazing volunteer, Julie Busa, who gave him a wonderful home full of love. You go Charlie! :-)


My Year With Charlie

By Julie Busa
It was a year ago this month when a little deaf dog with a crooked face first came into my life.  I remember the first time I saw him, he was in the doggy daycare I worked for at the time and he was laying on the ‘grass’ on the pee station in the pen he was in.  He was sleeping.  I asked about him and was told he was staying with us while his owner was in the hospital. I was told that he’s deaf and he’s 12 years old. I felt bad because no one was really paying any attention to him (it’s a busy pen with a lot of dogs that the staff has to watch).  I took an interest in him and started taking him to lunch with me.  I never saw him sleeping again!  And I learned that he LOVES food!

I never expected that this dog would worm his way into my heart and eventually become mine. There are so many people to thank for him coming into my life. First and foremost is Daniela Caride and Phinney’s Friends.  They are such a wonderful organization who helps pets AND people. I am so grateful to them. And all the other people who came together to help this dog – Vanessa, Neil, and even Nikki, John Maguranis, and Charlie’s owners. They made the right decision when they gave him up. I’m especially grateful to Eddie  If he hadn’t agreed, I wouldn’t have Charlie now. We already had 4 dogs in a teeny, tiny house. Taking on another dog, one who was older and not very healthy was not an easy decision for him.  But, he did it for me.

With Aunty Vanessa

With Aunty Vanessa

I recently asked my vet, Linda Rogers at Integrative Animal Health Center (Also wonderful. They help keep Charlie alive and as healthy as possible, not just for the money but because they care), if she thought Charlie would stick around until March. She gave me a look that said ‘I don’t think so’. He has lots of health issues and it will be a year in March when Charlie officially became mine. In the short time I have had him he’s had giardia, an ulcer on his eye (and he almost lost the eye), an infection above his eye, and now demodex (which indicates a more serious auto-immune issue, possibly cancer).  We’re still fighting the demodex months later.
I told her I will love him alive.  Which is what I have been doing every single day.

It doesn’t hurt that this dog is stubborn as hell and won’t go down easy. He is always in motion, constantly getting into things, lets you know when he’s not happy (and loudly!), eats like it’s his last meal and drinks like he’s dying of thirst. And he pees. A LOT. In the house. He can’t hear a thing, yet he barks up a storm when he’s unhappy. He can barely see. He needs to be carried up and down the stairs when he needs to go out. He endured losing his home of over 12 years, living in a doggy daycare for 3 months, staying with me for a week, staying with Neil and Vanessa for a month or so, moving in with me, moving into a new (and bigger) house, and changing jobs with me (something he is still NOT happy about and he reminds me of on a daily basis), all over the span of 9 months.

In the words of Cassie “Charlie is the world’s oldest puppy”.  And I wouldn’t change a thing.  Here’s to, at least, the next three months (and hopefully many more)….

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  1. Starr Maxwell permalink
    January 6, 2014 12:33 am

    Ok so now I’m all full of happy tears. Charlie has enjoyed a golden year! Old dogs have gifts to share that can be hard to see. Charlie turned on his old cocker charm big time. This guy is so lucky to find his forever home w Julie. Phinneys Friends will always do the best we can to help.

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