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Phinney’s Friends thanks you!

November 29, 2013

This week we received a lovely Thanksgiving card from Jack. Phinney’s Friends helps his cat and best friend, Whiskas. Starr, one of our most devoted volunteers, stops by every month to say hi, trim Whiskas’ nails, maybe bring a bag of cat food, make sure they are OK. At the end of the visit, Jack showers Starr with kind words of appreciation.

happy thanksgiving card jack whiskas-2

That’s our thing at Phinney’s: someone needs help, we step in, and something extraordinary happens — a pet and a loving owner are able to buy time and remain together, supporting and comforting each other.

happy thanksgiving card jack whiskas

Every one of you who help Phinney’s Friends — caring for a pet-friendly family or designing an ad, raising funds or organizing our food pantry — you make a huge difference. Phinney’s Friends is this amazing network of pet-loving people who have a big heart and so much enthusiasm, and that’s why it works. Because we work together.

I am so thankful for the daily miracles we produce, and so are the hundreds of pet owners like Jack that we are able to help. So please visualize your name on this beautiful card beside Starr’s today.

Happy Thanksgiving.


– Daniela Caride

Phinney’s Friends President


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