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Monster Bark was amazing!! Check pix & video!

November 1, 2013


Monster Bark, the Halloween event offered by Pet Source in Stow on October 27th, 2013, was a blast. All the dogs — and cat — who showed up for the costume contest were happy to be there and eager to get into their delicious trick or treat bags full of snacks. Their owners also had lots of fun talking to everyone, parading and petting the cutest dogs. Watch the video below to check out the hilarious and scary costumes they were sporting.

All the proceeds from the event will go to Phinney’s Friends. Thank you, Pet Source, for being so generous and wonderful to your customers (who had lots of fun and got amazing goodie bags and prizes) and to Phinney’s Friends! Without businesses like Pet Source we wouldn’t be able to continue helping people keep their beloved pets.

Pet Source we love you!!

Monster Bark 13-2  Monster Bark 13-3  Monster Bark 13-4  Monster Bark 13-5  Monster Bark 13-6  Monster Bark 13-7  Monster Bark 13-8  Monster Bark 13-9  Monster Bark 13-10  Monster Bark 13-11  Monster Bark 13-12  Monster Bark 13-13  Monster Bark 13-14  Monster Bark 13-15  Monster Bark 13-16  Monster Bark 13-17  Monster Bark 13-18  Monster Bark 13-19  Monster Bark 13-20  Monster Bark 13-21  Monster Bark 13


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