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Farewell to our dear Teddy

July 15, 2013

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Saturday we said goodbye to our dear Teddy — a gorgeous 8-year-old white cat who lived with our client Mary for years. When she needed to move into assisted living, and pets were not allowed, we promised her we would take care of Teddy, and so we did. Teddy became a Phinney’s Friends permanent foster and was re-homed with Elizabeth, one of our most loving clients.

Teddy lived there happily for a year, being brushed everyday, basking in the sun, taking naps on the couch or tucked in the comforter. He very suddenly fell ill, and the vet found a big mass in his stomach. We are all so sad with his sudden passing, and we will miss him forever. Here is the message Elizabeth sent us today…

photo (2)

Dear Starr, Daniela, and all Phinney’s Friends,

My special boy Teddy was only with me a year, but what a special year that was. To say he was unique sounds like every “cat mom”– everyone wants to think their cat is special– but Teddy was unique.

Teddy was dropped off to me and made himself at home very quickly. I have almost never seen such a “laid back” cat.  He loved being brushed with a slicker brush, which became a very pleasant nightly ritual. The belly rubs, well, you could almost see Teddy smile. And, that down comforter, how cozy was that!

You can see in the pictures I have sent how happy and contented Teddy was this past year. I so wish we had had many, many more wonderful years together; but, I do feel blessed by having lived with him during the brief time we were together.  Thank you Phinney’s Friends for the privledge of caring for Teddy this past year.


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