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Our friends at Crate Escape are also in Charlestown!

June 26, 2013

crate escape

Doggie daycare Crate Escape, which has been helping Phinney’s Friends dogs get life-saving boarding when their owners are ill, has recently opened a facility in Charlestown as well! Now they are present in Belmont, Cambridge AND Boston, offering Daycare, Overnight Boarding and Grooming, and you can ask them to  pick up your dog. Isn’t it great?

We will be eternally grateful for all that Crate Escape has been doing for Phinney’s. So if you have any friends who are looking for a fun and trustworthy place to take their dogs to when they’re working or traveling, please tell them about Crate Escape. They are a group of generous and kind people who truly love dogs.

The building space at 200 Terminal St. in Charlestown is perfect for a dog daycare — 17,000 sf of play space, separated into 5 pens. We group the dogs based on temperament and size. They even have outside space; unheard of in Boston! And they are also offering overnight boarding, grooming and van service to complete the package.

crate escape 2

Green Pet Care

Did you know that Crate Escape — besides all its awesomeness as a daycare — also believes in taking care of our environment? This helps humans and pets alike. They are constantly searching and researching products that will effectively benefit the daycare and the dogs. That means super careful selection of all cleaning, grooming and feeding supplies that touch the daycare.

What Makes Them Different

Crate Escape does it all. With a high standard of care, they provide daycare, van service, and overnight boarding to our daycare customers. Their ethic is to provide superior, satisfying service to dogs and their families. Crate Escape has fostered numerous dogs for us and our volunteers, and we know how caring and loving they are towards us.

They are open. 24/7, through holidays and snow storms! The daycare is open from 7am – 6:30pm, Monday – Friday. Both Crate Escapes are open Saturdays from 9-5pm (by reservation only!) for daycare, retail purchases and grooming in Belmont (and soon Charlestown!) Crate Escapes in Belmont and Charlestown also do overnights and is open for overnight pick-ups and drop-offs from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.

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