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A heartfelt ‘Thank you’ from Chelsea

June 25, 2013
A typical neighborhood in Chelsea, Mass. (Aaron Knox photo)

A typical neighborhood in Chelsea, Mass. (Aaron Knox photo)

We got a sweet email from Lon, who is a Service Coordinator at Mental Health Properties — she manages a low-income housing building in Chelsea, Mass. A few days ago she put together a list of pet supplies that the residents needed, and we were able to deliver 6 shopping bags full of useful things for cats and dogs. We found almost everything they needed: several bags of cat and dog food, toys, leashes, collars, scratchers and more.

Here is her email:

“Dear Daniela

I  was just visited by Julia with amazing items! Thank You so much  for responding so quickly, everything is just great.  Our tenants will be so pleased, your efforts are gratefully appreciated!. Again if you need anything for your tax records please let me know.

Take Care,


All of the items we distributed to this group of low-income pet owners in Chelsea reached us thanks to the generosity of PETCO Foundation. PETCO keeps donation bins at several PETCO stores, and such bins are assigned to certain charities. We are very lucky to have several of them:

PETCO Brighton – 304 Western Ave Brighton, MA
PETCO Cambridge – 119 1st St Cambridge, MA
PETCO Natick – 1324-1334 Worcester Road Natick, MA
PETCO Needham – 163 Highland Ave, Needham, MA
PETCO Hudson – 205 Washington St Hudson, MA
PETCO Saugus – 682 Broadway Saugus, MA
Unleashed by PETCO in Wellesley – 165 Linden St Wellesley, MA

* We are always in need of cat litter and cat food, especially. If you want to donate items to Phinney’s Friends, please stop by one of the stores listed above and drop off your donation!

*We also need volunteers who can pick up donations and drop them off in Lincoln, Mass., where our food pantry is. If you feel you can do something like that every other month or so, of if you would be interested in delivering food to low-income families in any area of Massachusetts, please get in touch with us here!

Thank you!

– Daniela

Daniela Caride

Phinney’s Friends President

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  1. Laura Hagen permalink
    June 25, 2013 2:01 pm

    Phinneys does such amazing work for people and animals. Thank you!!!!!

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