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Dharma’s happiness, a last wish fulfilled

June 17, 2013

Phinney’s Friends met Dharma the cat two years ago, when her mom was dying. Her mom contacted Phinney’s Friends because her last wish was to make sure Dharma, her beloved 8-year-old black kitty with a little bit of white on her chest, was going go be loved and have a happy life when she passed away.

We welcomed them as clients, and months later when time came, Dharma was transferred into a foster home with one of our clients. Our volunteer Leah decided it was time to adopt a cat and took Dharma to her home to see how it went.

Well, let me just say Leah wrote an entire page about Dharma when I asked her to tell me a little something about her kitty. She loves her to pieces and has gone above and beyond to make sure Dharma would remain happy and healthy…


Dharma, who lost her mom, found love with Leah, her new mom. She looooves to be brushed!

Dharma started off very shy (she hid under the shower curtain and she would run when guests came over). But overtime she has become much more social and now always introduces herself to guests.

Leah says Dharma is hilarious. She loves chasing after the laser pointer, after string, cat nip toys and ping pong balls. She goes crazy if you stick an object under a blanket or sheet (like sticks), and she will attack it with as much force as possible. After about 20-30 minutes, it’s time to nap. She naps like a pro, says Leah, and often inspires her to do the same. :-)

Of course despite having a water fountain, Dharma loves drinking out of the bathroom sink. She’s fascinated by water and likes to play with it. But brushing is Dharma’s favorite thing, and she has trained Leah to do it regularly — otherwise Dharma jumps back and forth over Leah on the couch until she stops everything she’s doing to start one more hair salon session. Dharma also will just stare at Leah for as long and she can stand it and give her a purposeful meow,  most likely meaning “you’re a bit slow” on the uptake. :-D

Who could imagine Dharma would be such a character?

“Despite my efforts to cover my chairs, bed, etc with sheets to prevent cat hair build up, she simply uses her paw to move the sheet aside and burrows into the center of my bed under all the blankets,”Leah adds. “If I throw sheets over her, she loves it and starts to purr.”

Most importantly, Dharma doesn’t like to be alone at all. So if Leah goes on trips, one of her friends has to sleep over every night so that she doesn’t feel alone.

When Leah is home, Dharma follows her around the house for the most part. She loves to cuddle and enjoys being scratched under her chin and on the back of her head. It doesn’t take much for her to start purring! Most of the time she sleeps on Leah’s bed or on the chair near the bed. Sometimes she sleeps on the pillows…

“Once I confused her for my pillow and then realized I was sleeping ON Dharma. She didn’t mind of course and was purring. LOL!”

It’s so good to know we were able to keep our promise and make Dharma the happiest kitty. This wouldn’t have been possible without fostering, which gives us time to find a safe, loving home for the animals that need our help.

So, if you have a spare bathroom, please consider fostering a cat! You will bring a lifetime of happiness to a cat — and a human.

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  1. Starr Maxwell permalink
    August 19, 2013 11:59 am

    Dharma would have never been adopted out of a shelter. She is a shy black older cat who could never share her charm quickly enough. Her owner’s main concern at the end of her life was for Dharma. Once her owner was assured of Dhama’s safe future by Phinneys Friends she was deeply relieved and could face her last few months at peace with her kitty at her side. I’m so proud Phinneys Friends and Leah have honored our clients last request so well. Keep puring Dharma!


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