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Phinney’s Friends kept my family together

April 13, 2013

Nikita and Kiara


My name is Linda. I am the devoted owner of three pets. One is a 10-year-old orange Pomeranian named Kiara that I have had since she was three months old. The second is an 8-year-old charcoal grey cat with stunning green eyes named Keanu. The third is a 9-month-old grey and white Siberian Husky named Jade.

My daughter Nikita and I adore our pets — they are a significant part of our family. Since we got Kiara first, and the cat second, the Pom kind of raised the cat and now he thinks he is part dog. He gives licks right on our lips and cheeks. It is soooo cute.

My Pom is extremely devoted to me. She sleeps under the covers, in my bed, right up by my neck so we can have a kissing fest every night. She is big into kissing. She seems to know when I am sick because she is very sensitive. She stays right by my side and there have been times when I couldn’t take her out to use the bathroom for fourteen hours at a time and she holds it. What a trooper!!

Our Husky is a handful. She is basically my daughter’s, and it is a great experience for her to have a big responsibility like that.

Phinney’s Friends has helped our family countless times. Due to the fact that I have AIDS, and I am a single mom, there have been three times that I have been hospitalized that our animals were fostered out. Very recently, I had a cancer operation which was only day surgery, so Phinney’s Friends provided our family with a local dog walker to help out while I recovered. I could not have managed without the generous help of Phinney’s Friends. They have literally saved our family.

About a month ago, my Pom got a terrible infection in her mouth caused by her front teeth rotting out. She stopped eating and I was very worried about her. Phinney’s Friends got her right into the vet and she had the bad teeth removed and was put on antibiotics. She is doing great now and my daughter calls her “The Toothless Wonder”!

Our pet’s give us a lot of emotional support. They are very therapeutic. Having AIDS is not easy for me nor is it easy for my daughter. Our pets help us deal with it all. They provide not only love and companionship, but laughter, too. How could we thank Phinney’s Friends enough? I just don’t know.


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