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Charlie found a new home!

March 20, 2013

Charlie’s dad could no longer care for his little 12-year-old cocker spaniel properly because he needed a lot of help himself. So he made the hard decision to surrender him to Phinney’s Friends after we tried helping him with services. I shouldn’t say we found Charlie a new home because Charlie is so lovable that he found his way into the hearts of many dog lovers himself, without any help from us. :-) One of them took him in permanently.

Charlie is deaf and blind but oh, this guy enjoys life! He now is his mom’s co-pilot when she drives to work (he looooves it!) and spends his days and nights in her company. He’s always begging everyone for food and getting it — a happy and safe dog thanks to many generous people and Crate Escape, which generously donated thousands of dollars in boarding while Charlie was transitioning to a new home. Phinney’s Friends helped pay for some of his vet bills to make sure he could be in top shape when going to his new place.

Thank you, Crate Escape and thank you, Julie and Jewel who made sure Charlie had everything he needed during some tough times for him!

Here are some pictures of Charlie and his new life…


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