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Phinney’s Friends helped save Rocky’s leg!

January 7, 2013


Rocky is an adorable orange tabby kitty who lives with his family in New England. Even though being an only-indoor cat, accidents happen, and he was able to sneak out. He came back home with a broken leg. At the clinic, the vet tried resplinting the leg, but the results weren’t as good as we all hoped. So it became evident Rocky needed surgery to either fix or amputate his leg.

His owner is low-income and was unable to find credit to pay for the procedure. She got in touch with the Feline Adoption and Rescue Society, which paid part of the bill. The organization then contacted Phinney’s Friends in the hopes we could help with the remainder of the balance.

Thanks to a generous donation we received this month from Pooch Palace, we were able to help Rocky, and his leg was saved. Surgery went great, and Rocky is already home, recuperating. He will have many more years of happiness ahead of him with his family thanks to team work and generous people willing to donate their savings to help pets in need.

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  1. Elizabeth Warshaw permalink
    January 7, 2013 2:05 am

    What a beautiful boy ! And how happy his family must be. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !

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